Jogging is my thing!

Yu Tang

Hi, I'm a Quant @ GoldmanSachs

  • Past Experience
    • M.S. in Computer Science @ Duke
    • Software Engineer @ Citadel
    • B.S. in Mathematics @ UIUC
    • B.Eng. in Computer Science @ UIUC
  • Random Facts
    • 💻 I regard my self as a full-stack engineer but I delegated this page's creation to GPT-4 since I hate front-end stuffs
    • 🏍️ I ride motorcycle and my YZF-R3 got stolen out of my apt's garage last year. Planning to get the new ZX-4RR.
    • 🎮 My Steam total play hours on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are roughly equal to working for 1 year as a new analyst in Goldman's IBD.
  • More Random Facts
    • GoldmanSachs created a font "Goldman Sans" and this webpage is currently using it. ( Definitely not the best looking font )
    • To my surprise, Honolulu probably has the best Japanese food in the States.
    • Recently I found homelabbing interesting.
    • 💼 I'm currently #Open To Work ( insert Linkedin banner here )